TLC Learn to Swim

As we eagerly count down the days to our grand opening of Stage 2 "Learn to Swim" Facility in October 2024, we invite you and your baby sharks to join us in this extraordinary aquatic adventure.

The highly anticipated Stage 2 of our Aquatic Precinct 'Learn to Swim facility' is set to open its doors in October 2024. Our cutting-edge facility boasts a spacious and climate-controlled indoor pool, purposefully designed to create an ideal environment for learners of all ages. From beginners taking their first splash to those looking to refine their technique, our expert instructors will guide and inspire each individual on their unique swimming journey.

Our team of certified and experienced instructors are dedicated to providing personalised attention, ensuring that each swimmer receives the guidance and support they need to build confidence and develop essential swimming skills. With a focus on water safety, we aim to empower every learner with the knowledge and ability to navigate the water with confidence.


Register your interest and sign your baby shark up early to stay up to date with everything that is happening: