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The swimming programs at The Lakes College Aquatic Precinct are designed to develop strokes and swimming fitness, helping swimmers achieve their goals. The Lakes College Aquatic Precinct offers squad programs that focus on stroke development, water safety, fitness, competition swimming and performance swimming.

Every new swimmer is individually assessed and placed into a squad that provides a comfort and a stretch to the ability of each individual. Existing swimmers are assessed throughout the competitive season and encouraged to move up to the next level when the Head Coach deems it appropriate. Our programs are designed to encourage, support and extend our swimmers natural ability and align with each child’s personal goals in the pool.

TLC Swim Club is a fun and supportive club for all members of the community. TLC Swim Club provides access for swimmers to swim competitively and to attend Friday Club Nights, Club Relays, Club Carnivals. Fees for Club membership are set by the Club Committee and are payable to the club via Swim Central. All squad members are required to have a TLC Swim Club membership.

TLC Learn to Swim is the highly anticipated Stage 2 of our Aquatic Precinct 'Learn to Swim facility' and is set to open its doors in June 2024. Our cutting-edge facility will boast a spacious and climate-controlled indoor pool, purposefully designed to create an ideal environment for learners of all ages. From beginners taking their first splash to those looking to refine their technique, our expert instructors will guide and inspire each individual on their unique swimming journey. Register your interest and sign your baby shark up early and stay up to date with everything that is happening:

TLC Swim Club

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TLC Learn to Swim

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Squad Program

Our Squads consist of Development through to National.